The Plucky Ducky Derby - and Potluck Festival was held on Saturday, May 19, 2012 in beautiful weather. Thank you to Jeanne and Sandi for hosting the event at their home.


Thank you to Ann and Joan for leading the group on a bird watching stroll. Valerie and Shari welcomed participants at the registration table where they picked up name-tags, their racing ducks, and bought tickets for the 50/50 raffle.


We had a great time at the races. Lea placed the custom-decorated “plucky ducks” into the brook at the starting rock and Michele scooped them up at the finish.


After four heats, (and two excellent “Loser” heats) we watched as the pluckiest ducky floated into Michele’s waiting arms - or net.

The Plucky Ducky Derby is a private, invitation only event. To protect the privacy of the Derby, be aware that we do not consider this an “open-to-the-public” event. If you would like to learn more, use the secret handshake and ask around. We reserve the right to turn you away on the day of the event.