May 11, 2013 - A Second, Successful Plucky Ducky Derby


The day wasn't as warm or sunny as we would have liked, but the women AND their ducks were all very plucky, so the event went off without cooperation from weather. After the races, Sandi and Jeanne's warm and welcoming home gave us a perfect place to enjoy the company and the wonderful food. Really, a turkey AND a ham?

Thank you Jeanne and Sandi, for your generosity and hospitality. Everyone who participated by bringing food and buying 50/50 tickets contributed to a memorable event. Watch the Documentary:

The movie is streaming from YouTube. Note that it is privately listed. You have to have an exact link to see it.

The Plucky Ducky Derby is a private, invitation only event. To protect the privacy of the Derby, be aware that we do not consider this an “open-to-the-public” event. If you would like to learn more, use the secret handshake and ask around. We reserve the right to turn you away on the day of the event.