May 17, 2014 Plucky Ducky Derby

But wait!

There's MORE!



We had a total of 42 racers with 19 new and 23 returning entrants.


Heat Winners

#1 Bonnie

#2 - Elaine

#3 - CJ's Spork

#4 - Jeanne's Hoser

#5 - Leila's All Alone at the Finish Line

#6 - Molly's Hammy

#7 - Peg's Booby

#8 - Theresa's Tappy


The Loser's Heat was won by Rosemary's BooBoo.


The Grand Champion Award was won by Molly's Hammy

who had the fastest run time of the day at 54:08 seconds. Congratulations Hammy!


Financially we also had a great day. The expenses of $133 were reimbursed to Lea and Shari for prizes and the website. The 50/50 raffle sold $210 worth of tickets and Gail won 1/2  = $105. We had another $30 in donations as well as an extra $8 for water.  There remained $82 from the registration fees. A motion to donate the $225 additional funds raised to Renewal House of Canton was unanimously carried. The check will be in the mail Monday morning.


Many thanks to the organizers, "workers," and those who stepped up at the last minute to help at the event. A lot of work goes into the Derby — before the ducks drop into the water and after. And a huge thank you to our hostesses Jeanne and Sandi for providing us with such a great venue. Thank you Lea and Shari for creating the Grand Champion Award and a big hug of appreciation to Michele, our Plucky "Communications Director."

The Plucky Ducky Derby is a private, invitation only event. To protect the privacy of the Derby, be aware that we do not consider this an “open-to-the-public” event. If you would like to learn more, use the secret handshake and ask around. We reserve the right to turn you away on the day of the event.