The Plucky Seven — Left Behind 2013


At the end of the 2013 Derby, seven ducks were left behind. We called them the Plucky Seven. The organizers of the Derby had only one, unfortunate choice. The Seven must be taken into custody until next year, at which time... their owners might return for them.


A short film was made of their time in custody, but it was deemed too dark for public viewing. But footage exists of them before their daring bid for freedom. Security camera footage shown here, shows the Plucky Seven making their Great Escape.

Where did they go after the Great Escape? Click a button below to see some of their travels.

The Plucky Ducky Derby is a private, invitation only event. To protect the privacy of the Derby, be aware that we do not consider this an “open-to-the-public” event. If you would like to learn more, use the secret handshake and ask around. We reserve the right to turn you away on the day of the event.